Your company needs a good way to not only identify its employees but to keep track of their time, monitor their use of company equipment, and much more. Jolly has solutions for these needs.

ID Flow is a feature-packed software suite capable of producing professional quality photo ID cards quickly and easily. Sometimes, it's necessary to encode ID cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or proximity cards using RFID technology. ID Flow was designed to complete these tasks with accuracy and precision. With ID Flow, one can effortlessly create custom design templates for each group of cardholders, allowing all IDs to be created with uniformity and professionalism.

Employee ID Cards
Student ID Cards

Every school is in need of a secure way to identify its students. What better way than creating a professional, school-branded ID card?.

ID Flow ID card software makes this process a breeze by allowing the user to create templates to use for every student on campus, complete with school logos. If desired, one can even use ID Flow to encode the ID cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or even RFID technology. Even insert secure watermarks. With ID Flow, student ID creation is a snap.


Your business is funded by its membership. Issue professional membership ID cards that demonstrate the quality of your organization using ID Flow.

Jolly products can safely and securely manage your members' information in one central location, making it easy to access when needed but safe from prying eyes at other times. For creating member IDs, ID Flow allows users to design customized templates to give your IDs a distinct look and professional edge over the competition. Include bar codes, magnetic stripe or smart card functionality, based on your needs and budget.

Membership ID Cards
Security ID Cards

It is important for organizations to have official, professional identification cards for its employees. Their work often requires high security when dealing with sensitive information, and people need to be able to confirm the identity of the person with whom they are speaking.

Strengthen your organization by issuing secure and professional photo ID cards to your security staff using ID Flow ID card software.


Design and issue national ID cards, driver's license cards, healthcare cards and more with ID Flow.

ID Flow ID card software gives you the tools to create secure, professional designs, drawing from existing databases and authorized templates and designs. Different divisions may be assigned different, conditional print objects or entire layouts. Use our built-in encoder support to print and encode your authorization cards simultaneously.

National ID Cards
Creating professional ID badges takes just a few minutes!
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