Student ID Cards

Every school is in need of a secure way to identify its students. What better way than creating a professional, school-branded ID card?.

ID Flow student ID card software makes this process a breeze by allowing the user to create templates to use for every student on campus, complete with school logos. If desired, one can even use ID Flow to encode the ID cards with magnetic stripes, barcodes, or even RFID technology. Even insert secure watermarks. With ID Flow student ID card system, student ID creation is a snap.

ID Card Designer

Design Secure ID Cards

Design secure student ID cards using feature-rich design tools. Automatically adjust text and images to fit the design space. Apply advanced graphics effects. Add 1D and 2D barcodes. Add conditional elements that will only print when record conditions are satisfied.

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Include Barcodes and Magnetic Stripe

Make your card machine readable by including 1D and 2D barcodes or by encoding magnetic stripes. ID Flow student ID card software supports more than 20 industry-standard 1D and 2D bar code formats.

  • QR Code
  • PDF417
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • More...
QR Bar Code
Access Control System

Integrate With Door Control Systems

ID Flow student ID card system integrates with many popular turnstiles and access control systems and can add, enable and disable access control cards. Cards can be printed using any compatible PVC card printer.

  • AMAG
  • Brivo
  • DSX
  • Johnson Controls
  • Kantech
  • Lenel OnGuard
  • Primion
  • S2 Security
  • Software House C-Cure

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Issue Cards From Existing Applications

Your existing student information system can use the ID Flow command-line-interface to print ID cards as part of your workflow. Desktop or web applications can pass data to the command-line-utility in XML format, send a batch file with XML commands or simply pass information as command line options.

3rd Party Integration
ID Card Printer

Print On Any Card Printer

ID Flow student ID card system works with most Windows compatible PVC card printers. Magnetic stripe encoding is supported on all popular card printers. Ultraviolet (UV) printing, smart card and RFID encoding are supported on certain brands.

  • Datacard
  • EDIsecure
  • Fargo
  • UltraMagicard
  • Zebra

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Creating professional ID badges takes just a few minutes!

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