Capture Photos

Add photos to increase the authenticity of the ID card. Pictures of staff, visitors, contractors, and more can be used to create temporary and/or permanent photo ID cards.

Capture Photo Using Camera or Webcam

Capture photos using a webcam or digital camera. Automatically remove the background from photos and automatically crop them to best fit the ID card design. Auto-crop is one of many differentiating features of ID Flow ID card software.

  • Suggested Cameras
  • Canon EOS
  • Logitech C270
  • Logitech Orbit
Add Photo TO ID Card
Use Driver License Photo

Import License Photo

Automatically add the cardholder's photo to the ID card by scanning their driver license with ID Flow ID card system. ID Flow ID card software allows scanning of driver license from all 50 US states and also givernment issued identification cards from many countries.


Creating professional ID badges takes just a few minutes!

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