It is important to restrict access to sensitive locations such as schools, hospitals, or government buildings. Let Jolly software keep screen individuals with integrated watch-lists in a solid visitor management system.

Using Jolly's Lobby Track™ visitor management system software you can keep a customized list of undesired visitors, access subscription-based online watch-lists, or both and be sure that only desired visitors are allowed access. Should a potentially dangerous person attempt to enter your facilities, a discreet notification can be displayed to you or even emailed directly to your security staff, letting you initiate safety precautions you deem necessary. For the best in safety and security, partner with Jolly Technologies.

Ask for a free software trial or talk to a sales representative to get more information on our products. We can guide you to a software package that will provide you with a top-of-the-line solution to keep your facilities secure.

Supported watch list providers:

First Advantage MK Data Amber Road

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