Anyone who is familiar with prox cards or RFID encoding knows that printing is often only one step of creating a fully-featured ID card. Magnetic stripes and prox cards are used commonly in high-security environments to facilitate passing through access points and check in stations. While barcodes may be printed as images, encoding often requires proprietary methods.

ID Flow™ ID card software by Jolly Technologies contains a full-featured encoding tool called the Jolly Encoder. Use it with compatible hardware to make encoding the final, automatic step of each badge print command you generate. With ID Flow, encoding becomes just another layer on your template, eliminating the traditional two-step part of printing, then encoding -- the two are now simultaneous. Produce secure, official ID cards for your employees and visitors that meet all access control requirements, and even integrate our software with your existing access control system.

Give our sales team a call, or request a free trial from our website. Give ID Flow a try and see how easy the process becomes.

Currently Jolly Encoder supports the following hardware and media:

  • Zebra Card Printers with OMNIKEY Smart Card Readers
  • Ultra Magicard Card Printers with OMNIKEY Smart Card Readers
  • FARGO Card Printers with OMNIKEY 5x21 or 5x25 Smart Card Readers
  • MIFARE Classic cards; other variations of MIFARE that do not require encryption / certificates may also work
  • HID Prox cards
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