UPC/EAN Extension 5

UPC-A, UPC-E, and EAN-13 can all have an additional barcode located to the right of the main barcode that contains additional information. This second barcode is normally not as tall as the primary barcode and can encode either two or five additional digits. Supplement 5 encodes five digits.

5-Digit Extension barcodes are used on books to indicate a suggested retail price.

Price of the book can be included along with the product information in one barcode.

Four digits are used to encode price of a book. Maximum value the price can take is $99.99. All prices greater than $99.99 cannot be encoded using Extension 5 barcode.

Technical Specifications
The first digit of the Extension 5 indicates the currency in which the price is expressed. A “5” represents U.S. dollars whereas a "0" represents British Pounds. The remaining 4 digits of the supplement indicate the price. For example "50999" indicates a suggested retail price of US$9.99 (US Dollars).

Encoding both 2-digit extension and 5-digit extensions follows the same underlying structure. A left-hand guard bars, encoded as 1011 followed by two to five data characters, each separated by a separator character, encoded as 01. There is no "stop" character. The barcode is assumed to end when a character separator (01) doesn't follow a valid character.

Additional Information
A supplementary code of "90000" means the book has no suggested retail price. Similarly a code of "99991" indicates a complimentary copy of the book. Extension 5 codes of 90001 to 98999 are used by some publishers for internal purposes and the supplementary code "99990" is used by the National Association of College Stores to mark used books.

One can use Label Flow™ barcode software for printing UPC Extension 5 product prcing labels.

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