Royal Mail RM4SCC

The Royal Mail (RM4SCC / British Post Office / BPO 4-State Code) symbology is used by the British Postal Service for the automatic sorting of mail in the UK. The barcode encodes the recipients postal code. The symbology is capable of encoding uppercase alphanumeric characters.

Used solely by the British Royal Mail Service to encode postal codes.

It is extremely easy to print using almost any type of printer.

Most standard bar code readers cannot decode RM4SCC.

Technical Information
It is an alphanumeric symbol that uses an encoding system very similar to the Australia Post barcode. The symbol is made up of a series of lines that constitute any of four states. The four states are called

1. Tracker, Ascender, and Descender
2. Tracker and Ascender
3. Tracker and Descender
4. Tracker

Additional Information
Visit the Royal Mail website for additional information.

One can use Label Flow (shipping label software) for printing shipping labels with Royal Mail barcode.

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