EAN-8 (also known as JAN-8) is a shorter version of EAN-13. EAN-8 encodes 8 digits, which includes a 2 to 3 digit number system and a 4 to 5 digit product code. EAN-8 is encoded using EAN-13 character set.

EAN-8 is used for marking retail goods. EAN-8 is used when the product is too small to accomodate EAN-13, for example, lipsticks.

EAN-8 is part of EAN-13, which meets global numbering requirements. EAN-8 takes smaller space than EAN-13 and is ideal for small size retail products.

EAN-8 can only encode EAN data and cannot use in-house alpha-numeric codes.

Technical Specifications
EAN-8 is a fixed-length, continuous, numeric symbology. EAN-8 starts with a two or three digit number system code followed by a four or five digit product code. EAN-8 also has a check digit that is calculated in the same way as EAN-13.

Additional Information
To obtain EAN numbers, you must register with EAN (http://www.ean-int.org.)

One can use Label Flow™ barcode software for printing EAN 8 barcode labels for small aprts or use Asset Track (inventory software) for managing stock.

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