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The Australia Post (Australia Post 4-State Customer Code) symbology is used by the Australian Postal Service for the automatic sorting of mails. The barcode encodes DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) data along with customer information. The symbology is capable of encoding upper and lower case alphanumeric characters as well as the # and Space characters.

Used solely by Australian Postal Service.

It is extremely easy to print using almost any type of printer.

Most standard barcode readers cannot decode Australia Post.

Technical Information
It is an alphanumeric symbol that can of any of four formats, each of which is identified by a Format Control Code (FCC).

The Standard Customer Barcode format has an FCC of 11 and 37 total bars. As the most widely used format, the Standard Customer Barcode identifies the delivery point for each piece of mail. No customer information is provided.

The Customer Barcode 2 format has an FCC of 59 and 52 total bars. The Customer Barcode 3 format has an FCC of 62 and 67 total bars. Both barcodes are the same as the Standard Customer Barcode except that they also add a Customer Information Field which is 16 bars long in Customer Barcode 2 and 31 bars long in Customer Barcode 3.

The Reply Paid Barcode format has an FCC of 45 and 37 total bars. This format is used by customers who want to offer a Reply Paid service. The format is identical to the Standard Customer Barcode except that the different FCC marks it as Reply Paid.

Additional Information
For additional information, please visit the Australia Post website at

One can use Label Flow™ barcode software for printing bulk mailing labels and regular shipments in Australia with Australia Post barcodes.

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