When an attendee registers for an event on Eventleaf.com, their information can be saved to a Person record in Marketo. This guide will walk you through configuring the connection between your event and Marketo account.


  1. Navigate to Event > Integrations > Marketo.
  2. Check the Enable Marketo Integration checkbox.
  3. Configure your Marketo account to allow Eventleaf integration by following the instructions found here:
  4. Click the Connect button and enter the connection details obtained from Step 3.
  5. If you would like to add registrants to a Marketo group list, select the list.
  6. Map the Eventleaf registration form fields to the Marketo Person record fields.
  7. Click Send Test Data to send a test record to your Marketo account. After sending the data, check your Marketo account and verify that a Person record has been created.

Configuration is complete and future registrations will be pushed to your Marketo account.

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