Youth Camp Registration
Quickly register campers and monitor where they are throughout their stay

Many of us have fond memories of the summer camps that we attended when we were younger. Yes, we always learned something while we were there, but our greatest memories hinge on days full of fun and laughter. To the camper, those days are pretty much care free but for the ones in charge, it is a different story. Taking charge of several hundred teens or preteens for a week can be a huge challenge. You have spent countless hours doing the prep work that gets you to opening day, and now you get to spend a week helping to change the lives of these awesome kids. The problem is that instead of being allowed to focus on changing lives, you are busy keeping track of everyone. Jolly Technologies can help you have the time to focus on the campers instead of on administration. Eventleaf™ event registration software was created to help people in your situation.

Eventleaf makes registration quick and easy, whether it's done on-line or on-site. Multiple badge designs are available so you can create ID badges for different groups of campers as well as different badges for your staff. You set the parameters, so the badges can also have different levels of security depending on your needs. Using magnetic stripe or bar code technology, the badges can be scanned to see what events or break out sessions the campers are attending. Eventleaf can also be used to register visitors to your campground so you can keep track of who is coming and going, which will enhance your security. Parents sometimes worry and have many questions regarding their children's activity. Eventleaf has multiple reports that are easily available to answer any questions that might arise.

With everything else that you have to do, it only makes sense that you would let Jolly Technologies help simplify your job! Contact Jolly right away to get started with your free trial of Eventleaf.

Youth Camp Registration
Register Youths
  • Quick and easy registration
  • On-line registration available
  • Multiple badge designs for your convenience
  • Link multiple locations
  • Centralized management for ease of control
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