Warehouse Management
Manage warehouse inventory, print barcode labels, and track inventory levels

Efficient warehouse management ensures the safe receipt, storage, retrieval, and timely dispatch of goods. In today's automated world, the outcome of productivity is heavily dependent on a user-friendly program that organizes and simplifies the tasks of warehouse maintenance. Jolly Technologies provides the computerized framework for success through Label Flow barcode creation and Inventory Track™ inventory management software.

Label Flow™ barcode software allows your company to create custom labels with barcodes for all of your inventory products, parts, and assets. Whether you require 1D or 2D barcodes or RFID asset tags, Label Flow makes it easy to manage your warehouse inventory. The step-by-step guided setup wizard will have you creating labels and cataloging your assets quickly and easily. Label Flow is also compatible with third party applications making it simple to integrate existing inventory databases with your new Jolly Technology label creation software.

If you require more control and supervision of your company's warehouse assets, Inventory Track inventory management software will provide the next level of maintenance. This easy-to-use software includes all the capabilities of Label Flow by Jolly Technologies with the added support of tracking stock, quantity, and location of your inventory and assets. While on the go, Inventory Track will allow you to setup and receive restock notifications as well as use your Windows tablet to scan inventory.

Provide your business with the tools it needs to manage product and inventory lists, track inventory levels, and locate items on the warehouse floor. Request a free trial today or contact Jolly Technologies to speak with a team member. Jolly representatives are eager to answer any questions about how this efficient and robust software solution will fit your warehouse management needs.

Warehouse Management
Manage Inventory
  • Manage warehouse inventory
  • Print barcode and RFID inventory tags
  • Issue and receive inventory
  • Use mobile device to scan inventory
  • Notify restock via e-mail
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