Visitor Management
Secure your lobby by registering and verifying visitors

Paper guest books and name tags are helpful to have around, but they can be a troublesome to manage and store. When hunting for an old record, one is forced to peruse a veritable multitude of entries until finding the one needed.

Thankfully, Lobby Track™ visitor management system has a simple, effective solution to this problem. Lobby Track digitally checks in and out visitors in any situation, whether it be a business, government building, festival, concert, or just about any other gathering. When needing to hunt for specific records, Lobby Track provides an easy query function to locate the exact entry needed. Beyond its tracking capabilities, Lobby Track also allows users to create professional ID badges and tags.

Lobby Track even offers the functionality of linking to an existing access control system. As the last step in a visitor's registration, automatically activate the visitor's badge into your access control system, providing access only to the areas into which they are allowed to enter.

Lobby Track provides all of these features and many more in order to help manage visitors in any conceivable location or situation. Request a trial of Lobby Track to see how our software works for you.

Visitor Management
Manage Visitors
  • Register visitors online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Check online and local watch lists
  • Network multiple locations together
  • View logs and reports
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