Tool Tracking
Track tool location, monitor check-outs and returns, issue maintenance requests

Tracking tools within a business can be an exhausting responsibility. Not only is it essential to retain accurate records of tool usage but it is often regulated by law that regular maintenance be performed on certain equipment. Further complicating this task, is the fact that many individuals may have access to this equipment on a daily basis, increasing the likelihood of tool loss and, thus, increasing business costs. Jolly Technologies has created the solution to simple tool tracking with Asset Track™ inventory management software.

Asset Track tool tracking begins with a custom barcode and labeling program, Label Flow™, for easily cataloging all of your tools and equipment. Label Flow creates both 1D and 2D barcodes as well as RFID asset tags, allowing you to tailor your identifying labels to your business's unique requirements. Asset Track then stores the location, borrower history, and maintenance reports for all of your tools in one convenient database. Through the use of a Windows tablet, it is also possible to enter tools into inventory by scanning barcodes in the field. Asset Track will even send you email notifications of past due tools.

Request a free trial of Asset Track and see how Jolly Technologies can help your business increase productivity and reduce tool costs by minimizing loss. Call and speak with a Jolly representative today!

Tool Tracking
Manage Inventory
  • Maintain tool inventory
  • Print barcodes and RFID tags
  • Monitor tool check-outs and returns
  • Issue maintenance requests
  • Use mobile device to scan tools
  • Notify of past due tools via email
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