Team Building Events
Easily manage organization, registration and attendance at your event

In the business world, success hinges on cooperation with others! It is vitally important that your employees work as a team, and that's why you have set up this team building weekend. It's going to be a great time of learning and growing. During this time, colleagues will learn to respect and trust one another which will make your operation more efficient. You have been tasked with the responsibility of making sure this event runs as smoothly as possible. That's not a problem because you are up to the task, but you also need to be involved in the sessions instead of taking care of administrative duties. How are you going to get everything done so that you can join in the team building? That's where Jolly Technologies comes into play with Eventleaf™ event registration software.

Eventleaf makes registration of those attending your event quick and easy. You can choose on-line or on-site registration. If you prefer, your on-site registration center can be unmanned giving you more time to mingle with your colleagues. You set the parameters for self registration and ID badges. Attendees can print their own ID badges on the spot, and they will contain the level of security that you deem necessary. Using bar code or magnetic stripe technology, attendees can scan their ID badge as they go in and out of meetings and breakout sessions making it easy to keep track of who has been where. When the weekend is over and you need information, Eventleaf has the reports you need. Just a few keystrokes and your reports are ready.

You have a lot to do to make your team building weekend a success. Let Eventleaf lighten your load while giving you the opportunity to enjoy the conference. Contact Jolly Technologies today to get started with your free trial of Eventleaf.

Team Building Events
Register Team Members
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Self registration and ID badge printing available
  • Multiple templates for ID badges
  • RFID, magnetic stripe and bar code technology
  • Link multiple sites for centralized management
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