School Visitor Management
Register and manage visitors at your school

Safety is paramount when it comes to school grounds. It's necessary to keep track of every person entering and exiting the school to protect the well-being of the children.

With Jolly school visitor management solutions, Lobby Track™ visitor management system or School Track™ student attendance and visitor management, performing this task is simple, safe, and secure. Registering a new visitor is quick and easy, even taking advantage of drivers license scanners to pull key information into your system for you. This reduces human error and verifies that the person standing in front of you is who they say they are. Lobby Track and School Track accurately track school visitors, and, by partnering with 3rd party software, discreetly performs online criminal database checks (including sex offender checks), informing the user if a disreputable person attempts to enter the premises.

With Lobby Track defending your school, you can ensure that safety is a priority. Try Lobby Track for free by requesting a trial today!

School Visitor Management
Manage School Visitors
  • Register visitors online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Check online and local watch lists
  • Network multiple locations together
  • View logs and reports
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