Nursing Home Security
Keep your patients safe and monitor visitors to your nursing home quickly and easily

Your record speaks for itself and you are proud of the level of care that your patients receive at your facility! They come to your nursing home for great care and whether it is long term or short term they deserve the best you can give them! Caring for the aged is not an easy task. Many of your patients are frail and afraid. They need your undivided attention, but with all you have to do, it can be difficult. Since you care so much about your patients, their safety is a high priority for you. You don't need to be distracted by security issues. Let Jolly Technologies help. To handle the issues of safety and security for your patients, Jolly has created Lobby Track.

Lobby Track visitor management software can be set to your preferences. Security of your patients can be easier than it has ever been. First, let's register and monitor the coming and going of visitors. Registration is quick and easy. It can be accomplished at a self help kiosk or a manned check in center. Once registered, visitors can be checked against criminal watch lists for a greater level of security. Create ID badges which can then be scanned as visitors come and go. Next, design different ID badges for your patients so you can monitor who should be leaving the facility and when they return. For those group outings that everyone loves so much, simplify your life by checking everyone in and out as a group. Finally, if you have an emergency and have to evacuate, Lobby Track will help you to know who is where so the safety of your patients is maintained.

The rest of your job will be made easier knowing that your patients are safe. Contact Jolly Technologies and start your free trial of Lobby Track today!

Nursing Home Security
Secure Nursing Home
  • Easy registration for visitors and patients
  • Create different ID badges for different levels of security
  • Scan badges for safety of patients
  • Batch check in, check out for group outings
  • Email notification when someone checks in or out
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