National ID Cards
Design and issue national ID cards, driver's license cards, healthcare cards and more

The importance for agencies, particularly those within government, to have identification cards cannot be overstated. Sometimes only specific people are allowed to enter or exit specific areas. ID Flow and Lobby Track easily provide solutions to these sensitive issues.

ID Flow™ ID card software gives you the tools to create secure, professional designs, drawing from existing databases and authorized templates and designs. Different divisions may be assigned different, conditional print objects or entire layouts. Use our built-in encoder support to print and encode your authorization cards simultaneously. Lobby Track™ visitor management system can perform the same tasks that ID Flow can, but Lobby Track includes a visitor management and employee tracking aspect with its feature-list. When paired with access-control hardware, Lobby Track can limit and track access to restricted areas.

With the strength of ID Flow and Lobby Track working at your side, national ID card issues are handled with simplicity and security. Request a free software trial today to see if Jolly Technologies works for you.

National ID Cards
Issue National ID Cards
  • Design and print photo id cards
  • Add 1d and 2d barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripe
  • Read / write smart cards
  • Integrate with existing database
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