IT Asset Tracking
Track all of your critical IT assets

As is the case with nearly any company, it's very important to keep track of your equipment when working in an IT situation. Computer and networking equipment can be expensive, and it's good business practice to keep tabs on their statuses at all times. Jolly Technologies has you covered for both barcode labeling and inventory solutions with Asset Track™ IT asset tracking software.

Asset Track, designed to facilitate IT asset tracking, makes it easy to keep tabs on everything in your inventory with a few clicks. Assign borrower or designated operator info, and keep an accurate record of who last checked in or out your IT equipment. Run formulas automatically to keep track of the depreciating value, so you can get a better idea of when to replace it. Labeling your inventory with scannable barcodes is very simple and straightforward. You can focus your energies elsewhere rather than worrying about the status of your assets!

For all of your asset-tracking tracking needs, trust Asset Track to go the extra mile. If you'd like to see Asset Track at work, request a free software trial today.

IT Asset Tracking
Track IT Assets
  • Manage asset database
  • Print barcode and RFID asset tags
  • Scan assets and update location
  • Import from portable scanner
  • View logs and reports
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