Inventory Control
Track inventory levels and inform management when level drops below restocking level

Maintaining an accurate inventory is important in almost any business situation. It's vital that accurate records be maintained. Jolly Technologies has created a robust product to help with these tasks.

Jolly's Inventory Track™ inventory control software allows you to accurately track stock level of your inventory. This solution makes it a snap to keep extensive records and histories for every piece of your inventory. Beyond that, Inventory Track automatically send e-mail notification whenever stock level drop belows restocking leve, making it easy to know when to reorder items. Also, Inventory Track is capable of implementing an easy to use barcode system to help track and organize your inventory.

Trust your inventory to Inventory Track and rest easy knowing that your inventory is organized, together, and safe. Call to speak with one of our sales reps, or request a free trial!

Inventory Control
Control Inventory
  • Manage inventory database
  • Print barcode and RFID inventory tags
  • Issue and receive inventory
  • Use portable tablet to scan inventory
  • Notify restock via e-mail
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