Government ID Cards
Issue secure government ID cards

It is important for government agencies to have official, professional identification cards for its employees. Government work often requires high security when dealing with sensitive information, and people need to be able to confirm the identity of the person with whom they're speaking.

ID Flow™ ID card software by Jolly Technologies provides a simple software solution to an otherwise difficult problem. ID Flow can be used to quickly create templates for every government employee on site. It can also easily print cards for employees on both the front and the back. Should these IDs need to be used for access control, that's no problem at all -- Lobby Track™ visitor management system, another solution in Jolly's security software suite, integrates most of the top Access Control systems. If needed, one can easily sort through and print out all records for every person who ever accessed specific areas as well. Run custom activity and location-based reports.

For government ID solutions, trust ID Flow or Lobby Track to meet your needs. Request a trial today and witness for yourself the power of our software.

Government ID Cards
Issue Government ID Cards
  • Design and print photo id cards
  • Add 1d and 2d barcodes
  • Encode magnetic stripe
  • Read / write smart cards
  • Integrate with existing database
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