Fixed Asset Tracking
Track all of your critical fixed assets

Maintaining an up-to-date record of your fixed assets is vital to keeping your company running smoothly. Whether it be your computers, office furniture, or equipment used out on the job, it's important to know the status of everything in your company's possession. Thankfully, Jolly Technologies can meet all of your fixed asset tracking needs.

Asset Track™ asset tracking software is a practical asset management solution. Knowing who has recently checked out some tools for an on-site job is simple with Asset Track's logging system. If desired, one can use Asset Track to barcode-label every one of your assets, including documents and supplies, making check outs quick and simple with a speedy scan. Asset Track can even help you keep track of value depreciation.

Request a free trial today to give Asset Track a try. Trust your fixed asset tracking needs to Asset Track by Jolly Technologies and start simplifying your logs today.

Fixed Asset Tracking
Track Fixed Assets
  • Maintain Asset Database
  • Print Barcode and RFID Asset Tags
  • Scan Assets and Update Location
  • Use Mobile Device to Scan Assets
  • Depreciate Assets
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