Distribution Center Management
Manage inventory, print barcode labels, track stock levels

Distribution Centers are the foundation of any supply network and require a great deal of organization to operate effectively. At the heart of this organizational process, lies the need for efficient software to label, manage, and track all goods that will be redistributed to retailers. Jolly Technologies provides valuable Distribution Center Management Systems, DCMS, through the use of Label Flow barcode and label creation software and Asset Track™ inventory management software.

Label Flow™ barcode software offers your distribution facility the ability to create labels, barcodes, and/or combinations of the two for your entire inventory. Warehouse supply has never been easier to keep track of than through Label Flow’s custom 1D/2D barcodes and RFID asset tags. The versatility of Label Flow conveniently assists your distribution company in distinguishing merchandise between various consumers and clients. This easy-to-operate software also works in harmony with any existing supply database your business currently uses.

If your distribution center currently lacks software capable of managing, not only your inventory, but the diversified needs of the consumers, retailers, and clients you serve, Jolly Technology offers Asset Track management software. Containing all of the abilities of Label Flow, Asset Track also keeps records of all your warehouse stock in one convenient directory, including quantities and locations. This fully customizable database system includes a handy check in/out function that will let you know what you have on the shelves at any given time. As an added convenience, Asset Track may be setup to receive restock notifications or be used to scan inventory into your database from your mobile device using a Windows tablet.

Whether your distribution center is a warehouse, fulfillment center, cross-dock facility, bulk break center, package handling center, or a retail distribution center, Jolly Technologies has the easy-to-use, personalized solution for all your distribution center management needs. Jolly representatives are eager to tell you about how Label Flow and Asset Track software can be tailored to your own, unique product allocation requirements. In addition to free consultation, Jolly Technologies also provides fully-functional trials of the software in order for you to test these features in your own facility. Call today and see how Jolly Technologies can improve the efficiency of your distribution center.

Distribution Center Management
Manage Distribution Center
  • Manage and track inventory
  • Print barcode and RFID inventory tags
  • Issue and receive inventory
  • Scan inventory using Windows tablet
  • Restock notifications via email
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