Corporate Training Events
Register trainees, issue badges and track attendance at corporate training events

The study materials have been chosen. You have great trainers lined up to lead your sessions and the venue has been reserved. You've worked hard to put together the perfect corporate training event! But your work has just begun. You are inviting colleagues from around the world to attend this amazing event. How do you go about registering so many people while keeping it organized and pain free? Let Jolly Technologies help. Eventleaf™ event registration software is just one of the many solutions developed by Jolly Technologies that will help make your event successful from start to finish and beyond.

Eventleaf will simplify your life. Have your attendees register on-line, then send them a registration confirmation email with a bar code which will make on-site check in a breeze. If you choose on-site registration, it can easily be facilitated with a quick scan of your driver's license or a business card. You can create attendee badges using bar code, magnetic stripe or RFID technology. These badges can be scanned to track attendance for seminars and special sessions as well as the main event. You can also create different style badges for easy identification of staff members. Eventleaf also maintains attendance records and duplicates past registration information for your next event.

When you consider how much Eventleaf does to help you look like a Rock Star and the added security that it gives to your event, it only makes sense to use Eventleaf for your next Corporate Training Event! Contact Jolly Technologies to request your free trial today!

Corporate Training Events
Register Trainees
  • Register trainees on-line or on-site
  • Issue event badges
  • Check in using kiosk
  • Track attendance by sessions
  • Generate detailed attendance reports
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