Conference Security
Identify and keep track of who is coming and going at your conference

The task of putting on a successful conference can be a daunting one! Organizing speakers, materials and food service can give pause to even the best planners. Add to that the need to keep everyone safe and you have a huge challenge. Whether you are putting together a training seminar, a business-to-business conference or a meeting of people who enjoy the same hobby, security is of the utmost importance! With all of the security issues that you must deal with at your conference, you certainly don't need uninvited and unwanted guests wandering around the facility. Eventleaf™ event registration software by Jolly Technologies can help you with your registration and security issues.

When trying to maintain a secure atmosphere, good registration practices are a top priority. With Eventleaf, registration is easy and can be completed on-site by scanning a driver's license or passport. Once registered, attendees can be checked against multiple criminal watch lists to help facilitate safety at your conference. For added security you can use the picture on the attendee's driver's license or capture a new one with supported camera and software! Depending on the level of security needed Eventleaf can also capture signatures and can utilize biometrics like fingerprints. Eventleaf creates ID badges and can incorporate extra security measures like bar code, magnetic stripe or RFID technology which can be scanned at the door for tracking and security purposes. For added control you can link several locations to a centralized computer which allows you to manage multiple entrances as well as other activities at the same time.

You and your security team have more than enough to do. Give yourself a greater level of success by contacting Jolly Technologies today and requesting your free trial. Representatives are ready to answer your questions.

Conference Security
Register Conference Attendees
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Scan driver's license or passport to register
  • Multiple layers of security measures like biometrics
  • Scan ID badges at entrances
  • Link multiple locations for added security
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