Campus Security
Secure your campus and protect your students and staff

Safety on campus is a huge concern in our current day and age. It goes without saying that there is a responsibility to protect both the students, faculty and staff at our schools. For this reason, it's vital to keep track of who is on campus and whether or not they are supposed to be there. Thankfully, Scan Station is capable of performing this essential task.

Jolly also offers ID Flow student ID card printing software and Lobby Track visitor management software. Both of these abilities contribute to a safer campus by keeping tabs on who is on campus and ensuring they are only where they're allowed to be. Scan Station can even generate, email and print evacuation reports in case the need to immediately see who is on campus arises.

Scan Station provides campuses across the world with an unparalleled state of security. If total campus coverage is your goal, aim for Jolly Technologies.

Alternatively, secure your campus by issuing professional ID cards to your staff and students using ID Flow™ ID card software, secure all valuable lab equipment and campus assets using Asset Track™ asset tracking software and screen all visitors visiting your campus against criminal list and track their visits using Lobby Track. All Jolly products work together and share data via common Jolly Server. Jolly products offer advance technologies such as smart card encoding with Jolly Encoder and RFID labels printing and mobile scanning and class room and hallway tracking of students using a Windows tablet.

Campus Security
Track Student Attendance
  • Scan student ID cards
  • Track student attendance
  • Track tardiness
  • Notify parents via e-mail
  • View attendance logs and reports
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Issue Student ID Cards
Explore ID Flow
Manage Campus Visitors
  • Register visitors online or on-site
  • Scan driver's license
  • Check online and local watch lists
  • Network multiple locations together
  • View logs and reports
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