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If you're looking for an accurate, easy and secure way to track the visitors coming and going from your facility, then look no further. With Lobby Track, Jolly Technologies offers the best visitor registration software on the market.

The advantages Lobby Track visitor registration software brings to your visitor management system far outweigh anything else on the market today. Jolly Technologies has designed a solution that is flexible enough to meet the varying needs of modern businesses, while keeping the user interface fast and easy to use. Powerful ID badge design software is included, and Jolly's intuitive design will walk you through every step of the process, making even self-service kiosks a viable solution for your visitor management needs.

The flexibility of Lobby Track shines through in its multiple configurations. If you simply need visitor badges printed for people coming to your facility, then you'll be set up in no time! If you want to take it to the next level, activate our host lookup function to email the employee who is the purpose of the visit. Link the visitor to your access control system automatically. Use a driver's license scanner to ensure the information collected is accurate. You can imbed photographs and any personal information you deem necessary. Lobby Track even allows for the checking in and checking out of at multiple entrances and exits.

From pre-registering appointments, and checking people in and out to generating attendance and time reports, Lobby Track visitor registration software has you covered start to finish. With an extensive feature set and flexible configurations there is no better choice to meet all your visitor management needs.

If you'd like to see how Jolly's software can work for you facilities, request a free trial today! Or get more product information by contacting one of our sales representatives.

Key Features
  • Register walk-ins without hassle, collecting only the customised information you need for each visitor
  • Auto-print expiring visitor passes that will let you identify registered visitors at a glance
  • Swipe a state-issued identification card to auto-populate 90% of your registration info
  • Expedite visitor registration by signing them up them before they arrive
  • Send software-generated emails to alert employees when their visitors have arrived
Visitor Registration Software
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