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In the medical world, visitor management is a requirement. It is important to balance the needs of your patients and their visitors with the importance of safety and security

From pre-registering appointments, and checking people in and out to generating attendance and time reports, Lobby Track visitor log software has you covered start to finish. With an extensive feature set and flexible configurations there is no better choice to meet all your visitor management needs.

Jolly Technologies makes this process a snap with Lobby Track, a diverse, robust visitor management system. Lobby Track easily tracks every visitor who sets foot in the hospital. Beyond tracking their entrance and exit, Lobby Track can also create visitor badges with as much information on them as needed. Restrict access to sensitive areas like nurseries and ICUs. It's easy to alter the visitor badge to list the specific room number they wish to visit. Whatever your medical visitor management needs are, Lobby Track is guaranteed to meet and exceed expectations.

Visitor Management should not be a difficult process. Lobby Track visitor log software keeps things simple by allowing you to customize just the features you need while still gathering all the information necessary to secure your facility. Whether it's simply collecting names of visitors that drop by or a more complex security need requiring confirmed appointments, background checks and signed agreements, it can all be handled swiftly and easily.

Request a free trial of Lobby Track today and test out the capabilities of one of Jolly Technologies' finest products.

Key Features
  • Log visitors quickly and easily
  • Print visitor passes for identification and security
  • Capture visitor information directly from a driver's license, passport or business card
  • Register visitors with appointments ahead of time to simplify the check in process
  • Notify your employees automatically when their visitor arrives
Visitor Log Software
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