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In order to maintain a secure facility, it's important to vet and manage your visitors. A visitor badging system is a step in the right direction. Instantly denote your visitors' individual information, host details and purpose with a custom visitor badge created live on an individual basis.

Integrating Lobby Track visitor badging system into your existing processes and procedures is a snap. With Jolly's flexible configuration the software adapts to your needs. Connect directly to most ODBC-compliant databases or start with one of our built in sample databases to get you up and running quickly. Using standard protocols and customizable options Lobby Track can conform to most of your company's existing IT policies and procedures regarding backup, access restrictions and privacy.

Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies is the premier solution to all visitor management requirements you may have. Lobby Track is able to quickly, accurately and efficiently log all visitor information, taking account of anything you believe is necessary to log. If you have a driver's license scanner, you can make the process even quicker and more accurate, eliminating the need to manually enter their information. After all of this information is logged, Lobby Track can then print out visitor tags, allowing you to keep track of the visitors once they've entered. If you'd like, you can even give them expiring visitor badges.

In today's world safety and security are of utmost importance, but modern security issues are far beyond simply locks and guards. It's important to know who is coming in and going out, it's essential to identify not only your staff, but visitors, contractors, maintenance workers, basically everyone that walks through the door. This may seem to be a daunting task, but you can make it fast and easy by selecting Lobby Track visitor badging system for all your visitor management needs.

Without a doubt, the strongest visitor badging system available on the market is Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies. If you'd like to try it out, request a free trial today!

Key Features
  • Visitor badging is easy and fast
  • Register visitors using self registration kiosk
  • Scan driver license and automatically fill registration form
  • Print paper badges or pvc cards for your visitors
  • Notify a host when their visitor arrives
Visitor Badging System
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