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If your business is looking for a way to track and badge your visitors, then look no further than Jolly Technologies. Jolly has exactly the solutions you're looking for!

Visitor management should not be a difficult process. Lobby Track visitor badge system keeps things simple by allowing you to customize just the features you need while still gathering all the information necessary to secure your facility. Whether it's simply collecting names of visitors that drop by or a more complex security need requiring confirmed appointments, background checks and signed agreements, it can all be handled swiftly and easily.

Lobby Track allows you to create customized, professional identification badges, complete with company logo, photo, and any information you choose to include on your visitor IDs. Use the same software to create secure employee IDs and actually manage everyone that walks in or our of your facilities!

The advantages Lobby Track brings to your visitor badge system far outweigh anything else on the market today. Jolly Technologies has designed a solution that is flexible enough to meet the varying needs of modern businesses, while keeping the user interface fast and easy to use. Powerful ID badge design software is included, and Jolly's intuitive design will walk you through every step of the process, making even self-service kiosks a viable solution for your visitor management needs.

To have the best in visitor ID creation and visitor management, come to Jolly Technologies. Request a free software trial today or speak with our sales team to see how Jolly can work for you.

Key Features
  • Manage visitor visiting your lobby
  • Print secure ID badges with photo
  • Expedite registration by pulling information straight from a driver license
  • Pre-register visitors before they arrive and save time
  • Automatically add visitors to your access control system
Visitor Badge System
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