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Any business likely needs a way to track and badge visitors to your facilities. Maintaining secure facilities is easier when your visitors are accounted for and identified. To this end, Jolly Technologies has created a very robust visitor badge software solution.

Integrating Lobby Track into your existing processes and procedures is a snap. With Jolly's flexible configuration the visitor badge software adapts to your needs. Connect directly to most ODBC-compliant databases or start with one of our built in sample databases to get you up and running quickly. Using standard protocols and customizable options Lobby Track can conform to most of your company's existing IT policies and procedures regarding backup, access restrictions and privacy.

Lobby Track by Jolly Technologies fulfills this need like no other program on the market. It can easily log and track the activities of your visitors, whether they're exiting or entering your company grounds or currently visiting an employee. Beyond its tracking abilities, Lobby Track also has diverse ID creation and badging abilities. It's easy to create customized, professional templates to apply to your badges, ensuring that your guests are properly identified.

The advantages Lobby Track visitor badge software brings to your visitor management system far outweigh anything else on the market today. Jolly Technologies has designed a solution that is flexible enough to meet the varying needs of modern businesses, while keeping the user interface fast and easy to use. Powerful ID badge design software is included, and Jolly's intuitive design will walk you through every step of the process, making even self-service kiosks a viable solution for your visitor management needs.

To try out Lobby Track today, request a free trial. Don't hesitate to contact our sales team for more information on any of our products.

Key Features
  • Register visitors and issue visitor badges
  • Print badges with photos and barcodes
  • Pull personal information straight from a government issued ID card
  • Screen visitors against public watch lists
  • Maintain detailed logs of visits
Visitor Badge Software
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