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Universities across the world all make use of student ID cards. Many of these universities use these IDs not only for identifying the students, but also to keep track of student accounts, printer credit, check-in and check-out systems for dorms, meal plans, and much more. All of this information is expected to be kept on an aesthetically pleasing, university-branded card, often employing a magnetic stripe or barcode system.

Few software packages are capable of meeting each of these many needs, but School Track by Jolly Technologies is quite the exception. School Track easily meets every university's need, allowing users to create custom identification cards or badges, track student information, and much more. Beyond simply creating student IDs and tracking account information, School Track can even track student absences and tardies if needed.

Working with top of the line software like School Track will be sure to set any university ahead of the game. Request a free trial of School Track today and see for yourself.

Key Features
  • Issue professional ID cards to students and staff
  • Encode barcode, magnetic stripe and smart cards
  • Link student ID cards with other transactional systems on campus
  • Print student ID cards directly from any existing student information system
  • Control student registration and ID card printing with user accounts
Student ID Software
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