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Every school needs a good system to track student attendance. Logging each entry by hand is time consuming and the records take up valuable space. Jolly Technologies has a practical, easy-to-use software package that makes student attendance, absences, and tracking much simpler.

School Track by Jolly Technologies is a powerful program, able to check students in and out with no more than a click. This software can even keep track of tardies, letting teachers know if specific students are frequently late to class. Students can be tracked from the moment they enter the school, even before class has officially begun. This is especially useful in case of an emergency to know exactly who needs to be accounted for quickly. Beyond its student tracking abilities, School Track can also create ID badges for students, teachers, and visitors, and can perform as a visitor check-in system. By utilizing third-party programs, School Track can even check sex-offender registries to insure that the person visiting the school-grounds is a safe visitor.

With so many options and capabilities, School Track is the obvious choice for your student attendance system. If you'd like, request a free trial of our software, and see what you think for yourself!

Key Features
  • Track student attendance and tardiness
  • Track students in the field and in the hallways
  • Issue ID cards RFID chips and scan then with mobile scanners
  • Link directly to any student information system
  • Assign warnings and detentions and notify parents
Student Attendance System
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