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Many industries require photo identification systems. Whether it be government, education, or business, Jolly Technologies has a suite of software capable of meeting every need.

ID Flow makes it easy to create customized photo IDs for anybody in any situation. It is easy to use and comes with a multitude of features. If your particular industry requires something more specific, such as tracking and activity reporting, consider one of our other pieces of software. School Track can create IDs as well as track and perform watch list checks on visitors to school grounds. Government buildings and corporations often need a way to track visitors or provide access control to specific areas. Lobby Track can perform this task easily, while still maintaining the ability to create customized, professional IDs.

No matter the industry or need, Jolly Technologies has the software you need to succeed. Contact our sales team today to gain more product information or request a free trial to see firsthand the robustness of our software.

Key Features
  • Give photo identification cards to employees, visitors, or members of your organization
  • Include conditional design elements that automatically print to differentiate employee types
  • Utilize global system templates to extract identification info from a pre-exisiting database
  • Eliminate individual record changes by automating volume issuing of photo identification cards
  • Include all industry-standard security elements, such as watermark and RFID
Photo Identification System
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