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As a worker in the service industry, having professional photo identification badges help you identify yourself to your customers, assuring them of not only your identity but their safety as well. ID Flow by Jolly Technologies is the perfect software solution to creating the badges you need.

ID Flow is easy to learn and easier still to use. ID Flow makes it simple to create and print your new ID badges including custom logos, full color photos, authorization signatures and all pertinent data. ID Flow is guaranteed to give your service professionals the recognition they deserve.

So why hesitate? Ask for a free trial today! You'll be glad you did!

Key Features
  • Create customized photo identification badges that meet your organizational security standards
  • Issue photo identification cards or badges to employees, members, or visitors
  • Leverage your current personel, contractor or visitor software to pre-populate photo ID cards
  • Use photo identification software to adjust multiple card designs at a moment's notice
  • Imbed RFID, smart chip, and UV panels on your photo identification cards for added security
Photo Identification Software
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