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Whether managing a conference or event, a safe work environment, or a large body of students, a photo ID system can help you verify and validate everyone at your facility. Let software from Jolly Technologies keep track of students, employees, and guests in a reliable database system.

Easy to learn and easy to use, ID Flow can become your one-stop photo ID system. Print photo cards/badges for you visitors/employees/students or even tags for your fixed assets. Take the badges a step further and use them with our Lobby Track or Time Track software to keep track of time spent at the facility, and even integrate the software with common access control systems from AMAG, Brivo, Lenel, and more.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team with questions, and download a free trial and get to know why we are the industry leader in secure ID creation personnel management.

Key Features
  • Use a system designed to make individual photo ID creation as seamless as possible
  • Print and distribute photo IDs to anyone in your organization
  • Use the system's robust importing and linking ability to make use of your current HR database
  • Set print rules and conditions, hinging on expiration, employee status or other qualifications
  • Collect and imbed biometric and tracking system information into your photo IDs
Photo ID System
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