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Without photo identification for your employess, it can get a bit confusing around the company to know with whom you are speaking -- especially if you're bad with names! Even more importantly, when it comes to security needs, ID cards are vital for any company. For a powerful and robust photo ID card software solution, consider ID Flow, by Jolly Technologies.

ID Flow is a powerful piece of software, capable of creating and printing custom photo IDs for all of your workers. Whatever information you'd like to include on these cards is totally up to you! ID Flow is here to facilitiate that process and make it as simple as possible. If you want your employees' information on the front of your card and your company logo on the back, that's easily done. Even use your existing employee database to avoid the messy and tedious importing of data.

If you'd like to learn more about how ID Flow can make your workplace better, reach out to our sales team today. We'll gladly provide you with a free trial and a walkthrough on the finer points of the software!

Key Features
  • Design fully-featured secure photo ID cards
  • Issue photo ID cards to employees, attendees or members
  • Use software templates to pull information from an existing cardholder database
  • Eliminate individual record adjustment with the software designed to auto-adjust printing
  • Include magnetic stripe and RFID encoding and barcodes as needed for secure photo IDs
Photo ID Card Software
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