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You're in need of a practical way to label your inventory. Writing on sticky notes with a pen is out of the question. What's the best way to take care of this issue?

Label Flow by Jolly Technologies provides the best inventory label software to meet your inventory-labeling needs. Label Flow is an easy-to-use program which allows for quick, customized labels for any requirement that you may have. Need to price your stock in your store? Label Flow can do it. Need barcodes to set up a check-out system for your inventory? Label Flow can do that too! We can even create the shipping labels you'll use to send assets and items to different facilities, or directly to customers.

No matter what your various needs may be, Label Flow by Jolly Technologies is the perfect solution! Request a trial now and see the power of Label Flow in action.

Key Features
  • Print inventory labels with 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Generate inventory labels directly from your ERP or finance software
  • Use a pre-designed internal database to quickly begin creating an inventory list
  • Link to and print inventory labels directly from any exisiting database
  • Automatically print labels with number of prints matching the inventory count
Inventory Label Software
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