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Providing a professional ID card solution is one of the strongest commitments of Jolly Technologies. In fact, it's where we got our start. Businesses around the globe need a simple yet complete way to create professional, customized identification badges for their employees, and Jolly Technologies is happy to provide ID Flow to meet this need.

ID Flow is a potent program, capable of creating custom cards for every employee. Should the template need to be different from department to department within the company, that's no problem at all. ID Flow makes it easy to change templates from person to person, allowing the perfect badge to be created for every situation. Should employees need their ID cards to double as access cards as well, ID Flow is capable of encoding cards with magnetic striping, RFID technology, and even barcodes. We can even integrate with your existing access control system.

With so many solutions and such great flexibility, ID Flow is the obvious choice for ID card creation software. It will easily meet every one of your needs, allowing your business to move forward without identification concerns.

Key Features
  • Design professional photo ID cards
  • Issue quality ID cards quickly and easily using your current employee lists
  • Print high quality ID cards quickly and efficiently using built in templates
  • Adjust multiple ID cards simultaneously by utilizing software designed for quick ID creation
  • Employ security measures with your ID cards by adding RFID encoding and fluorescent ink
ID Card Software
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