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Conferences and events can be challenging to plan and maintain, particularly on the first day. Tracking the influx of people to one location can quickly make for a daunting task. Jolly Technologies has an event registration system designed to streamline this entire process.

Eventleaf is an incredibly flexible program, able to print ID badges and provide accurate attendee management at each location and entrance. Rather than keeping a paper log of activity at your conference and then handing out marker-covered nametags, why not add a stamp of professionalism to your event? With Eventleaf's capabilities, your conference will become much easier to manage.

Request a trial of Eventleaf today. Contact our sales representatives, and have a chat with them about exactly what you're looking for in an event registration system.

Key Features
  • Quickly register multiple types of guests at your event
  • Produce all tickets in advance for guests who registered before your event
  • Register walk-up event attendees by scanning a license, passport, or business card
  • Forego the need for multiple registration events by linking seminar attendance to each guest
  • Simplify the event check in / out process by producing universally-compatible barcodes
Event Registration System
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