Jolly Technologies offers various solutions for the services industry

No matter the services you provide, it is important your employees can be easily identified. Providing a custom ID badge allows your customers to feel safe knowing the stranger they are allowing into their home or business is a legitimate member of your staff. Seeing their name and title alongside their picture allows clients to get to know your service team and report good work as well as any issues that may arise.

ID Flow puts the power of customized ID badge creation in your hands. Creating templates, managing employee information, and printing badges has never been easier with the diverse capabilities of ID Flow.

Jolly Technologies also offers Lobby Track for visitor management, Time Track for recording employee time and attendance, and Asset Track for managing your physical inventory and fixed assets.

Let Jolly Technologies make your business more organized and secure. Contact us for a free trial of any one of our products and see what Jolly Technologies can do for you.

Asset Track for Emergency Services
Be prepared for any emergency by tracking equipment on-scene and at the station.
Barcode Labeling
Label important documents and shipments with barcodes or RFID.
Employee ID Cards
Issue professional ID Cards to your permanent and contract employees.
Events and Conferences
Register event attendees and track attendance by venues.
Facility Security
Secure your facility by issuing secure ID cards for your staff and tracking visitors.
Hospitality Industry Asset Tracking
Organize and track equipment and supplies across all hotel departments.
IT Asset Tracking
Keep track of whereabouts of valuable IT assets within you facility.
Membership ID Cards
Issue membership ID cards with pictures for regular visitors.
Religious Institution Asset Tracking
Keep your house of worship in order by tracking supplies and equipment.
Time and Attendance
Accurately track time spent at work by temporary as well as field staff.
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