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Organizing a seminar involves lining up experts in the fields to talk about the subject, scheduling their speaking time slots, and also scheduling group discussions and questions and answers segments. Seminars also involve inviting guests from specific industries or associations and a tighter control over who gets to register for the seminars. Those who are planning to register for a seminar would like to read a biography of the speakers and experts at the seminar and also see a full agenda in advance. Some seminars may be paid and may involve several packages that must be purchased in advance. Number of guests at these seminars can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand, and keeping all information well organized, always reliably available, and being able to swiftly check in attendees to various sessions is also critical.

Eventleaf simplifies the seminar registration and management. Create highly informative and professional looking event registration website for your seminars and send invitations to potential participants. Attendees can register on-line. You can create attendee that be scanned using the Eventleaf Check In mobile app to track attendance for seminars and special sessions as well as the main event. You can restrict registration to only members, or only those who have been invited.

Add Speaker & Presenter Information

Add photos and biographical information about the people that will be speaking or presenting at your event.

Get Paid Immediately

Restrict registrations to only those who are invited, or those who are members of an organization or included in a guest list.

Manage Waiting List

Allow visitors to add themselves to a waiting list when registration is full. Waiting persons will be automatically notified of the available spaces as registration becomes available.

Creating an event takes just a few minutes!
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