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The task of putting on a successful conference can be a daunting one! Organizing speakers, materials and food service can give pause to even the best planners. Add to that the need to keep everyone safe and you have a huge challenge. Whether you are putting together a training seminar, a business-to-business conference or a meeting of people who enjoy the same hobby, security is of the utmost importance! With all of the security issues that you must deal with at your conference, you certainly don't need uninvited and unwanted guests wandering around the facility. Eventleaf can help you with your registration and security issues.

Eventleaf is an online registration and on-site badging plus tracking system wrapped into one powerful package. Eventleaf makes it easy to create professional-looking event badges you can give to every person in attendance at your event. It then allows you to scan these IDs using the Eventleaf Check In app. This checks in or checks out people from specific seminars, rooms, sessions, or whatever else you desire.

Online Event Registration

Conference attendees can register before they arrive using Eventleaf online registration and avoid registration lines at the conference.

Sell Tickets Online

Sell admission tickets for the conferences. Specify price levels in various supported currencies and set the available quantity.

Fast Event Check In

Scan attendee badges using the Eventleaf Check In app and check them in to the event, sessions and presentations.

Creating an event takes just a few minutes!
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