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Eventleaf Unveils Innovative Offline Check-In for Seamless Event Management with Poor or No Connectivity
The New Feature Ensures Smooth Attendee Check-In, Regardless of Internet Availability.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Jan 8, 2024 – Eventleaf, a leading provider of event management solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new Offline Check-In feature in its Check In mobile app. This innovative feature is designed to provide a seamless check-in experience for event attendees, even in locations with limited or no internet connectivity.

Understanding the challenges faced by event organizers and attendees, particularly in remote venues or areas with poor internet availability, Eventleaf has developed this much-anticipated solution. The Offline Check-In feature is a response to frequent requests from users who have experienced connectivity issues in diverse settings, such as hotel basements or outdoor locations.

Within hours of its launch, the Offline Check-In feature proved its real-life efficacy during a large-scale event in Los Angeles, attended by over 50,000 people. When unforeseen internet issues arose, the organizers switched to Offline Check-In, ensuring uninterrupted check-in tracking and preventing an event management disaster.

"Our users have frequently voiced their struggles with unreliable internet at various event venues over the last five years," says Sandeep Jolly, CEO of Jolly Technologies, Eventleaf's parent company. "The absence of a dependable internet-agnostic solution in the market was a significant concern for event professionals. With Eventleaf's Offline Check-In, not only have we addressed this issue, but user feedback from our alpha tests confirms its unparalleled ease and convenience."

As a modern event management system, Eventleaf offers tools for everything from online attendee registration to customizable packages, real-time reporting, and interactive engagement functionalities. However, like all other cloud-based event management software, Eventleaf also needs a stable internet connection to work. This means event organizers might have to resort to printed lists and manual check-ins during internet outages or poor coverage.

Now, with the introduction of the Offline Check-In feature, Eventleaf has enabled its Check In app to function independently of the internet's availability, which means organizers can check in attendees and kick start events at connectivity-challenged locations.

The feature, once enabled, imports all registration data into the device's built-in memory, allowing event managers to check in and out attendees through the Check In app, even when the app is not online. Most importantly, data integrity is maintained at all times - information is securely stored on the user's device and can be seamlessly synced with the server once connectivity is restored.

What sets Eventleaf's Offline Check-In apart is its simplicity and efficiency. Unlike other event platforms that require extensive setup time and resources, Eventleaf's offline check-in solution is remarkably user-friendly. With just a single click, users can toggle between online and offline modes. This ease of use ensures that no special data storage or power backup is needed.

The Offline Check-In feature by Eventleaf is particularly beneficial for a wide variety of events, ranging from corporate conferences and trade shows to outdoor workshops and field training. It is ideal for locations such as remote retreats, cruise ships, or any venues where internet service is unreliable, like underground conference halls or densely crowded expo centers.

Apart from enhancing the attendee experience, this feature also provides the much-needed peace of mind to event organizers, knowing that check-in processes will run smoothly regardless of internet availability. The reliability and convenience of Eventleaf's Offline Check-In feature mark a significant step forward in event management technology.

Eventleaf invites interested event professionals to discover the benefits of this new feature firsthand. Demonstrations are available upon request, and attendees are encouraged to schedule a session to explore the capabilities of Offline Check-In.

For more information about Eventleaf and its innovative solutions for event management, please visit Eventleaf's website.

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