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Lobbytrack Introduces Meeting Room and Shared Space Booking Feature for Multi-Tenant and Coworking Offices
The flexible feature enables employees to define and reserve a variety of workspaces and equipment.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Dec 9, 2021 – Lobbytrack, one of the most widely used cloud-based visitor management systems, has added a versatile shared space booking feature to its software. The flexible new feature allows facility teams and employees to specify and book a variety of workspaces including hot desks, meeting rooms, conference rooms, labs, and even parking spaces and equipment from the intuitive Lobbytrack interface.

"I'm thrilled to offer this very useful feature to our clients, particularly those who need to manage shared facilities spread across multiple floors," said Sandeep Jolly, CEO and founder of Lobbytrack developer Jolly Technologies. "It is the third major software upgrade we have completed within a month and I congratulate our development team on doing a fantastic job."

The new shared space and equipment booking feature has been developed iteratively considering the needs of the end users managing multi-tenant commercial buildings or large multi-floor offices. Users can define the type of space, such as meeting room, conference hall, lab, parking space, or common-use equipment. A floorplan feature allows shared spaces to be easily located on a map. The shared spaces can be booked by employees or contractors via the Employee App.

Earlier this month, Lobbytrack integrated with the online automation software Zapier and made public its API, enabling developers to easily integrate visitor management with their business systems. These recent developments came at the heels of Lobbytrack's integration with cloud-based access control systems Brivo and Openpath earlier this year. The Company has adopted the cloud-first principle, which, according to Gartner research, will be followed by 85 percent of enterprises by 2025.

The migration to cloud computing has been the most significant tech trend for the past few years. By the end of 2020, more than half of organizations had moved their workload to the cloud. COVID-19 further accelerated the trend as the need for remote access to organizational systems and resources became more pressing. With its on-premise software being used by thousands of enterprise clients around the world, Jolly Technologies had anticipated the cloud computing trend several years ago.

Jolly Technology introduced the cloud-based version of Lobbytrack back in 2017. It has progressively expanded Lobbytrack's cloud capabilities to bring it ahead of the latest market trends and user requirements. The Company's cloud-first approach focuses on leveraging the cloud to free up IT resources and maximize business value. With the addition of the shared space and conference room booking module, Lobbytrack now offers every feature that a modern visitor management software needs to lead the market.

About Lobbytrack
Lobbytrack was launched in 2007 by Jolly Technologies, a Company that provides cloud-based and desktop software for visitor management, event management, and asset tracking. The main features of Lobbytrack include visitor pre-registration, health and safety questions, criminal watchlist screening, automatic alerts, emergency evacuation, and touchless visitor check in. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 users around the world use Lobbytrack and other Jolly Technologies software.

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