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Lobbytrack – Zapier Integration Brings Easy Automation to Visitor Management
The integration allows busy office managers to save time by sharing data between Lobbytrack and more than 4,300 web apps.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov 22, 2021 – Lobbytrack, one of the world's most widely used visitor management systems, has announced integration with Zapier, an online automation software that allows non-technical office managers to easily create automated workflows. The integration allows Lobbytrack to interoperate with more than 4,300 third-party apps that work with Zapier.

"Most of Lobbytrack users are busy managers. They're racing against time to get more done," says Sandeep Jolly, CEO and founder of Jolly Technologies. "By integrating with Zapier, they can automate many of their repetitive tasks and have more time to do what really matters."

Visitor management systems are now a security and compliance requirement at many buildings and facilities that receive visitors on a regular basis, such as schools, hospitals, corporate office buildings, multi-tenant office buildings, membership clubs, and government buildings. The reception staff at most of these facilities have a long list of tasks at hand apart from managing visitors. Without automation, visitor management tasks can eat up most of their workday.

Statistically, the average modern employee uses at least 9 different apps just to complete basic tasks. For example, an office manager may need to shuffle between an online visitor management portal, an access control system interface, multiple watchlists, CRM software, several productivity apps, and a bunch of email accounts just to schedule visits.

Common visitor management tasks include scheduling the date and time of the visit, sending invitation emails, registering visitors, screening visitors for health and security, sending host notifications, printing visitor badges, and controlling physical access to the premises. Lobbytrack performs all of these tasks automatically, and with a Zapier integration, it can work with a wide range of business apps.

For example, a Zap can be used to add visitor information to a Salesforce contact list, Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP whenever a visit is scheduled in Lobbytrack. Zaps can also be used to customize the visitor registration workflow in creative ways such as sending a link to a YouTube video for the visitor to watch prior to arrival.

None of Lobbytrack's exceptional simplicity is compromised while creating automations, as Zapier is equally user-friendly. You simply define triggers and actions using an intuitive web interface.

Lobbytrack is not the first visitor management program on Zapier, but it may be the simplest and most user friendly. This latest development by Jolly Technologies enables Lobbytrack users to increase their productivity while adding a valuable app to the list of Zapier's partners.

About Lobbytrack
Lobbytrack was launched in 2007 by Jolly Technologies, a Company that provides cloud-based and desktop software for visitor management, event management, and asset tracking. The main features of Lobbytrack include visitor pre-registration, health and safety questions, criminal watchlist screening, automatic alerts, emergency evacuation, and touchless visitor check in. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 users around the world use Lobbytrack and other Jolly Technologies software.

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