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Eventleaf Integrates with Zapier to Offer Easy Automation for Event Managers
The integration enables Eventleaf users to 'Zap' Eventleaf with more than 3,000 web apps.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov 8, 2021 – Eventleaf, the corporate event management software used by thousands of event professionals around the world, announced integration with Zapier today. Zapier is an online automation platform that allows busy managers to easily create automated workflows and get more done. Thanks to the integration, Eventleaf can now work with more than 3,000 Zapier partner web apps.

"Automation saves time and money," says Sandeep Jolly, CEO and founder of Eventleaf developer Jolly Technologies. "The integration with Zapier will allow busy event managers to boost productivity and devote more time to what really matters."

The average modern-day employee uses at least 9 different apps just to complete basic everyday tasks. For example, an event manager may need to hop between an event management portal, CRM software, a bunch of social media channels, several productivity apps, and multiple email accounts many times daily. COVID-19 and the ensuing remote working trends have added to the technological burden of the average white-collar worker, giving rise to a type of stress called 'app fatigue'.

With Zapier integration, Eventleaf users won't need to log into ten different apps to do manual tasks, such as sending emails reminders. They can simply automate tasks and create workflows that integrate multiple web apps. Statistically, automation can save companies 10–50% of the time and cost incurred on performing low-value repetitive tasks.

None of Eventleaf's exceptional simplicity is compromised while creating automations, as Zapier's software is as user-friendly as Eventleaf. Event professionals just have to define triggers and actions using an intuitive web interface. A trigger can be an event, such as when you publish your conference or when an attendee makes a payment. An action is something that responds to another event. For example, retrieving an attendee's registration details for display on another website.

Eventleaf is not the first event app to join Zapier, but it may be the simplest and most user friendly. It is built on a simple design philosophy where the platform offers the core features and gives users the liberty to perform supplementary tasks using their favorite tools. The integration gives Eventleaf users the opportunity to increase their productivity while adding a valuable app to the list of Zapier's partners.

About Eventleaf

Eventleaf is a leading event management platform by Jolly Technologies, a Company that provides cloud-based and desktop software for event management, visitor management, and asset tracking. The main features of Eventleaf include event website; event planning including agenda, sessions, and speakers; event registration, online payments, touchless check in, badge printing, lead retrieval, and abstract management. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 users around the world use Eventleaf and other Jolly Tech software. Eventleaf is available at

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