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Lobbytrack Introduces Touchless Employee Time and Attendance Tracking
Lobbytrack makes touchless employee time and attendance tracking simple, safe and secure.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Nov 9, 2020 – Lobbytrack, a widely used visitor management software, unveiled its Touchless Employee Tracking feature today. The new module automatically logs each employee's attendance and hours as they sign into and out of the office using their mobile phone.

"We anticipated the demand and started designing the new feature right after the CDC pronounced commonly touched surfaces to be unsafe," says Sandeep Jolly, founder and CEO of Jolly Technologies, Lobbytrack's parent company. "Our software now enables employers to implement the COVID safety guidelines and create more hygienic, efficient and convenient workplaces."

Earlier this year, the CDC warned the use of shared objects or commonly touched surfaces could contribute to the spread of COVID-19. As businesses started reemerging from the 'Great Pause,' employers were looking out for touchless access control, visitor management, and attendance tracking systems to offer more safety and peace of mind to employees. Meanwhile, the sales of contact-based biometric scanners such as fingerprint scanners were forecast to decline by $2 billion due to the pandemic.

Shared or commonly touched surfaces at workplaces can include pens, visitor books, touchscreen kiosks or tablets, keypads, door handles, countertops, printers, computer keyboards, and shared tools or equipment. The coronavirus can survive on most of these surfaces for several hours and can transfer to a person if they touch a surface after it was touched by an infected individual.

Lobbytrack's latest feature works seamlessly with its existing software. Employees can use the Employee App to sign in and sign out of the facility by scanning a QR code displayed on a tablet placed in the lobby. The system automatically tracks the entry and exit of employees including contractors and temporary workers as they sign in and out. The time and attendance data can be exported and used with any payroll system.

The development comes at a time when the world is bracing for a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic; and the majority of employees are afraid they could get infected at work and could expose their family members to COVID-19. Touchless attendance and time tracking is one of the key safety measures employers can implement to create safer workplaces for all.

About Lobbytrack
Lobbytrack was launched in 2007 by Jolly Technologies, a company that provides desktop- and cloud-based software for visitor management and event management. The main features of Lobbytrack include visitor preregistration, host notification, evacuation management, watch lists, access control, criminal screening, and alerts. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 individuals around the world use Lobbytrack and other Jolly Technologies software.

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