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Keeping the Bad Guys Out - Lobbytrack Integrates with DataDiver to Screen Visitors for Denied Party and Criminal Records
Lobbytrack and DataDiver partner to keep schools, offices and facilities safe.

SAN MATEO, Calif. – Sep 28, 2020 – Lobbytrack, a widely used visitor management and access control software, now works with the extensive DataDiver background checker to screen visitors for criminal records as well as denied party lists in real time. The integration allows Lobbytrack users to compare visitor credentials with nearly 500 million individuals and alert security should there be a positive match.

"Screening visitors against criminal lists is vital for schools," said Sandeep Jolly, CEO of Jolly Technologies. "We're very pleased to have chosen DataDiver because it’s one of the industry’s most extensive criminal screening resources."

Active Directory sync can be run manually or setup to run automatically and add or disable host accounts as they are updated in Active Directory.

Denied party screening (DPS) is often deployed at high security facilities, banks, research facilities, schools, office buildings, trading enterprises, and other public and private facilities. The aim of DPS is to protect everyone from criminals and undesirable people while ensuring compliance with the PATRIOT Act and other federal, international and state regulations.

Additionally, many organizations conduct criminal screening and background checks for employees and visitors by comparing their credentials with online criminal databases, which contain records of arrests, criminal charges and the disposition of those charges.

Conducting these checks manually wastes a lot of time and may not be viable for workplaces that deal with a large number of visitors, such as schools, law firms, banks, and other public and private facilities.

With the DataDiver integration, Lobbytrack users can instantly run criminal screening on visitors before they are registered on the system. The Lobbytrack dashboard can be configured to run searches for sex offenders and other criminals including aliases as well as PATRIOT Act data scanning. The Lobbytrack software also allows companies to create internal watch lists to keep out disgruntled or mentally distressed employees.

The development comes at a time when COVID-19 and its sociopolitical ramifications are underlining the importance of visitor management systems. The unified Lobbytrack - DataDiver solution can prove effective for securing workplaces against suspected or confirmed COVID cases as well as criminal and disgruntled elements that may try to take advantage of the situation.

About DataDiver Technologies
DataDiver is an extensive criminal database comprising over 2 billion criminal records from across 1,400 jurisdictions. The software offers instant criminal searches including sex offenders, Patriot Act data, aliases, and other criminal data. The service differentiates itself on its data quality and comes with a free trial and free data comparison.

About Lobbytrack
Lobbytrack was launched in 2007 by Jolly Technologies, a Company that provides desktop- and cloud-based software for visitor management and event management. The main features of Lobbytrack include visitor preregistration, host notification, evacuation management, watch lists, access control, criminal screening, and alerts. More than 30,000 companies and 1,000,000 individuals around the world use Lobbytrack and other Jolly Technologies software.

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