5 Best Visitor Management Systems to Use in 2023

January 27, 2023
By Imran Anwar, Independent Blog Writer
Disclaimer: This blog post is provided to help lobby managers select the best software for their needs. The product reviews and comparisons are based on the publicly posted customer reviews and the information available at the time of writing this blog.

Though you may be aware of the benefits of visitor management software, selecting a good one is a different story. To be good, a visitor management system should be reliable, cost-effective, and suitable for your needs; but perhaps most importantly, it should be easy to use for your staff and visitors. We reviewed the top five visitor apps based on their features, customer reviews, and pricing. Let's see which software you think is best for your facility!


Software Overview

Lobbytrack is created by Jolly Technologies, a San Mateo, California based technology company that provides visitor management, event management and asset tracking solutions for workplaces. Lobbytrack's online and onsite versions have helped public and private organizations—including Fortune-500 companies—manage the flow of millions of visitors entering and exiting their facilities.

Lobbytrack is an all-in-one solution for managing visitors and improving the overall security of a facility. The platform comprises a browser-based management interface and three mobile apps— purpose-built for employees, front-desk, and security guards. Employees can use Lobbytrack.com to schedule visits and invite people to the workplace. Visitors can pre-register online or register on arrival using the Lobbytrack Lobby App.

Eventleaf Software Overview
Lobbytrack Features

Key Features

Lobbytrack includes all features that are essential to managing the flow of visitors at a modern or flexible workspace.

  • • Online Preregistration: Visitors can pre-register online before their arrival, which speeds up the check-in process and ensures that all necessary information is collected in advance.
  • • Host Notification: Lobbytrack instantly notifies hosts through the Employee app when their guest signs in, so they can come to the lobby to receive them.
  • • Badge Printing: The system allows for the creation of custom badging, including photographs and QR codes. Badges can be printed in advance or on-site using the Lobby mobile app.
  • • Visitor Monitoring: Lobbytrack provides real-time visibility into the number and status of visitors on the premises and can generate useful reports for security and audit purposes.
  • • Meeting Room Booking: The software also includes a meeting room booking and hot-desking feature for employees, available to them through the Employee app.
  • • Employee Management: With Lobbytrack, you don't need to use separate apps for employees and visitors, as it can track the entry and exit of guests as well as your workers using the Employee mobile app.
  • • Visitor Screening: The system can screen visitors with major national and state databases and internal or external watchlists of criminals, sex offenders, or people that you don't want to allow on the premises.
  • • Evacuation Management: Lobbytrack Guide App is a dedicated mobile app that allows security guards to view the numbers and details of on-site visitors, so they can evacuate everyone safely in the event of an emergency. The app also alerts them if someone on a watchlist tries to check in.
  • • Access Control: Lobbytrack can integrate with other security systems, such as access control, to provide an added layer of security.


Lobbytrack offers a feature-rich free plan that allows unlimited hosts and up to 100 visitors per month. The free plan includes all essential visitor handling features such as photo capture, badging, contactless sign in, health screening, and more. The Basic plan is a multi-location plan that costs $50 per location per month and supports unlimited visitors. Click here to view Lobbytrack pricing.

Lobbytrack Price
Lobbytrack Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • + Very user-friendly system with an intuitive interface
  • + Well-suited for businesses of all sizes
  • + Easy to set up and customize
  • + Feature-rich free plan for up to 100 visitors a month
  • No mail and shipment delivery handling capability


Software Overview

Envoy is a cloud-based visitor management system developed by San Francisco, California based software company Envoy Inc. It is designed to streamline the check-in process for visitors, contractors, and employees at businesses and organizations.

Envoy is a comprehensive visitor management software with all essential features such as digital sign-in, pre-registration, automatic badge printing, integration with calendar apps, visitor screening, government ID verification, and real-time notifications, Envoy makes it easy for your frontdesk and security teams to manage visitors and contractors, however, it might be expensive to use it for employee check-in and out.

Envoy Software Overview
Envoy Features

Key Features

  • • Pre-registration for visitors
  • • Real-time notifications for hosts to alert them of a visitor's arrival
  • • Government ID verification to ensure only authorized individuals are granted access
  • • Customizable welcome screens and digital forms to gather information from visitors
  • • Ability to track visitor history and monitor who is currently on the premises


With a standard plan costing $119 per location per month and the premium plan costing $359 per location per month, Envoy has a higher pricing than most of its peers.

Envoy Price
Envoy Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • + User friendly and easy to manage
  • May be a bit expensive compared to others

Lobbytrack vs Envoy

*Looking at the customer reviews on Software Advice, Lobbytrack and Envoy are both solid choices with almost identical ratings. Users rate Lobbytrack higher in value for money, owing to the software's low price and free plan.

Envoy vs Lobbytrack Comparison Reviews

The Receptionist

Software Overview

The Receptionist, formerly the Receptionist for iPad, is a visitor management system developed by a Denver based software developer. The software is designed to streamline the process of registering and tracking visitors to a facility, providing a professional and secure way to manage the flow of visitors.

The software is designed for use on an iPad, though it also works on Android devices. The software features a custom digital sign-in process that can be tailored to the specific needs of the organization. It offers all of the visitor management features that a modern workplace may need, including online registration, touchless check in, badge printing, and more. The software also includes secure data storage and compliance with data privacy regulations, and multi-language support.

The Receptionist Software Overview
The Receptionist Features

Key Features

  • • Customizable sign-in process: Allows for the creation of a custom sign-in experience tailored to the specific needs of the organization.
  • • ID scanning and badge printing: Automatically scans and records ID information and prints professional visitor badges.
  • • Real-time visitor tracking: Provides real-time information on who is currently in the building and who has recently checked in or out.
  • • Automatic notifications and host alerts: Sends automatic notifications to hosts when their visitors arrive, and alerts them when their visitors leave.
  • • Pre-registration and pre-approval of visitors: Admins can pre-register visitors, though the software does not allow visitors to self-register online.
  • • Multi-language support: The software supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a wide range of visitors.


The Receptionist visitor management software has a tiered pricing structure based on the number of employee contacts. The Basic plan costs $49 per month and is good for up to 24 employees. The Premium, Pro and Executive plans are priced at $99, $149, and $249 per month, respectively.

The Receptionist Price
The Receptionist Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • + The Receptionist has a simple interface and easy-to-navigate features
  • + Customer reviews on G2 depict it is easy to use, has all the features, and is not too complicated
  • May be a bit expensive for some users
  • Visitors cannot register online and have to be scheduled by hosts

Lobbytrack vs The Receptionist

*Lobbytrack and The Receptionist are both top-rated visitor management apps, with customers praising their ease of use and functionality. Here are the ratings comparison as per G2 customer reviews:

The Receptionist vs Lobbytrack Comparison Reviews


Software Overview

Proxyclick is a cloud-based visitor management software developed by a Belgian company of the same name. The software allows businesses to streamline the check-in process for visitors and maintain a secure environment.

Proxyclick provides all the standard features that other software reviewed in this list provide, including pre-registration, contactless check in, badging, host notifications, and integration with access control. The management interface and mobile app are designed to be user-friendly. It allows users to design customized visitor flows, customize registration fields, and receive guest notifications via email, text messages, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

Proxyclick Software Overview
Proxyclick Features

Key Features

  • • Pre-registration and appointment scheduling
  • • Customizable check-in and badging
  • • Integration with access control systems
  • • Customizable branding and email notifications
  • • Contactless check-in options
  • • Compliance and security features such as GDPR and SOC 2


Proxyclick's pricing model is based on the number of users and locations. The pricing starts at $100 per month per location for their basic plan, and can go up to $1000/month for their enterprise plan.

Proxyclick Price
Proxyclick Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • + Lot of integrations including MS Teams, Skype, Cisco ISE, Outlook, Google Calendar
  • + Easy to use interface for visitors and admins
  • Customer reviews on Software Advice report glitches in the system
  • Some users report issues with badge printing in their G2 reviews

Lobbytrack vs Proxyclick

*Here's a neck-to-neck comparicon between Lobbytrack and Proxyclick visitor management system, based on customer reviews on Software Advice:

Proxyclick vs Lobbytrack Comparison Reviews


Software Overview

SwipedOn is a simple and comprehensive visitor management solution designed by a New Zealand based team of developers. The application runs on iOS and Android based mobile devices and allows businesses to manage visitor and employee check in, desk booking, and deliveries.

SwipedOn performs all the essential visitor management tasks with ease, going a step further to offer staff and contractor sign in and desk booking. Users can create custom visitor welcome screens and contactless visitor sign-in kiosks, just like they can do with Lobbytrack and other software on this list. Also like other visitor management software, it allows managers to monitor visitor sign in and out and see who is on-site in real-time.

SwipedOn Software Overview
SwipedOn Features

Key Features

  • • Electronic visitor sign-in and sign-out
  • • Automatic badge printing
  • • Email and SMS notifications
  • • Integration with access control systems
  • • Multi-language support
  • • Customizable branding


Pricing for SwipedOn starts at $29 per month for the Lite plan, which is good for up to 15 employees and offers limited features to manage unlimited visitors. SwipedOn's multi location plans support unlimited employees and cost $115 and $169 per location when billed monthly. SMS notifications, deliveries, and catering features cost extra.

SwipedOn Price
SwipedOn Pros and Cons

Pros & Cons

  • + User-friendly software with an intuitive interface
  • + Easy sign in and out for visitors and visitor scheduling for admins
  • + Affordable pricing
  • The system can be slow to load, especially when used with older hardware
  • Visitor lists have to be printed out in case of emergency evacuation

Lobbytrack vs SwipedOn

*As per customer reviews on Software Advice, Lobbytrack is rated higher than or equal to SwipedOn in ease of use, value for money, customer support, and functionality.

SwipedOn vs Lobbytrack Comparison Reviews

Are there any Winners?

And there you have it, the top visitor management systems of 2023. As you may see, they all offer similar features, so your choice may come down to the ease of use and pricing. All of the software we reviewed offer a free trial, which you must avail to experience the system firsthand. Carefully go through their customer reviews, features, and prices to make the right decision.

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